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If you have general questions or comments about the music library business please leave them here.

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  1. Hello, I’m glad I found this forum two weeks ago. I have learned a lot already.

    My specialty is recording instrumental tunes with a band. I have released two CDs that are available on CD Baby, iTunes and other venues, and my music has gotten some radio airplay on non-commercial stations.

    I’m looking at licensing opportunities and looking for a music library that would be a good fit. Since my music is already “out there,” would that prevent me from being represented by an exclusive library?


  2. Happy St Patricks Day to all on the MLR !!!

  3. Rob (Cruciform) says:

    Art and all,

    Just wanted to say I always find this community a breath of fresh air. I don’t see ego, arrogance or condescension from participants. There are disagreements but they tend to remain markedly civil. It’s a stark, stark contrast to a number of other very well-known and populated forums. I had to come here to be reminded of how it can be after spending some time tonight on one of those places. :-/

    Kudos to you and all for cultivating such a culture.

    • Thanks Rob,

      I am constantly amazed at the lack of civility in this world. It seems to be getting worse instead of better. It’s one of my pet peeves so I will do my best to keep MLR as civil as possible and thank all who have chosen to be so.

    • OH SHUT UP! Just kidding. I had to do that. I couldn’t help myself. sorry. lmao!

      • Lol @ Pat! 😉
        I couldn’t agree more, finding this community was a big and important step for me and I’m always amazed at how helpful and nice everyone is!
        I bought the lifetime subscription here and it says it ends on DECEMBER 9, 2211: That’s gonna be a bad day for me! 😉

  4. Alex Jenkins says:

    I am a music composer and musician living in Okeechobee, Florida USA I have almost six hundred songs in my personal library, and was wondering if your company would be interested in what I have. My songs are on ebay, up for sale. I have contacted every music production library known, and record labels, to no prevail.
    If interested, please let me know. Thank you

    • Mr. Jenkins,

      The Music Library Report does not license or sell music.
      It is forum where composers and songwriters share information about production music, production music libraries and music licensing. If you want to learn about the production music business, this is a great resource.

      I don’t know about selling music on eBay. You may want to consider selling downloads on CDBaby.

      Best of luck in your endeavors.


    • Synth Player says:

      You should try to get your songs on Audiosparx. I think you could sell licenses for your songs by adding them there. You should definitely take all of your music off of Ebay and focus solely on licensing your music through Audiosparx. You have an eclectic sound that would get more attention and make more money from licensing. Don’t give up!

  5. Synth Player says:

    Does anyone know if there is going to be a 2012 Composer Census?