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Robin and I are back in Litchfield Connecticut for a few days and wondering if any of you are close and might like to get together, say lunch? We leave on the 18th of October so let me know via comments, contact page or e-mail, if you have it.

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  1. Hi Art,
    It would be great to meet you, and Robin; any chance you would be available this Saturday for lunch?

    • Sure Abby, that would be great. I’ll e-mail you.

    • Want to thank Abby for getting together with us on Saturday. Always nice to meet, in person, anyone we meet on MLR. Wish we could get everyone together for one big party!

      • This was a fantastic meeting, and I must say- Art and his wife Robin are among the nicest people I have ever met. It’s a whole new dimension to meet in person the people you connect with online, and the personal insight they shared with me was invaluable; simply great. Many thanks to Art and Robin!

  2. I am on LI too. I’m actually visiting a new niece in New Haven, but I think I’ll be tied to family stuff. Anything changes, I’ll give a shout!

  3. Loved Connecticut when I lived there for a year. Between the top notch entertainment at the Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods casinos, and the ocean , would have been a favorite place in the country , if there was more of a music center there (not why I moved out of there though). Still New York City was closer to Hartford then where I am now in upstate NY. I digress but also went ot Nashville last year for like a week. If Connecticut had big time music scene with with almost a small town feel like Nashville has, I’d move there in a minute – not because I have any delusions about fame and fortune at this point in my life but I just loved being around all that creative energy and top notch musicianship . And for the record, I was stationed in Long Beach California years ago in the military and almost stayed there.

    • Hey Chuck. There are a fair amount of world class players in the state, and definitely gigs to be had! It’s a great state to down some roots in – if you have a decent touring gig, or full time writing situation. I’ve had hundreds of gigs at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun.

      • Speaking for Hartford, I never really found much live music there, but was not gigging in the year In was there. I’ve played live for much more then I have done recording. I compare it to upstate where gigging musician’s bread and butter were cover bands. Two of the better bands I’ve seen in the Wolf’s Den were local ones. But local to HArtford didn’t find much…or didn’t know where to look. Heard it was better down by the shore.

    • Hey Chuck, we lived just outside of Nashville 1994-2000. Great town and the musicianship is superb, to say nothing of the songwriting. Not great weather though and it is the South. Very inspiring but through some medical issues moved back to SoCal and would never leave. Can’t beat the weather and now that we are an hour north of L.A. it’s much more relaxed.

      • Art:
        I lived in Nashville from 1985-1991. Lots of great experience there. The city has changed a lot since I lived there. From there I moved to CT. Lived in East Hartford from ’91-95 and then moved to Torrington where I lived until I moved here to Florida in 2003. Been to Litchfield many times then. Great town, and beautiful area especially in fall.

  4. I’m in CT! Fairfield County, though. Bit of a hike,

  5. Hey Art – would be great to meet you and Robin while you’re here on the east coast. I’m out on Long Island – any chance you’ll be in NYC?

    • Hi Paolo, sorry no. Only have 6 days here and mom takes priority.

    • Paolo,

      I am on Long Island as well. It would be very interesting to chat with you sometime!

      • And I’m originally from Long Island and we go back on occasion to visit my wife’s aunt in Northport. Should connect, take out a table at a Denny’s r similar and send out an open invite to composers from around there.

      • Daniel – it seems like quite a few folks here that are on Long Island – maybe enough to start a Long Island Chapter! 🙂

        • That’s cool,

          I didn’t know there was so many Long Island folks.

          I would love to chat with you guys. I have been in the LI music business for 35 plus years and have seen it go to crap :-).

          Who knows? I am always looking for good musicians and/or collabs.

          If any of you guys want to chat, PM me. Maybe we can meet up in my studio some day!

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