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Hey folks,

Recent Pond5 interview, with me, from the nice folks over there. Some of this stuff seems like a lifetime ago and another person. Who was that guy? Sometimes I don’t recognize him! I guess that’s how life is. If you get to live a long time there is a lot of morphing going on. Anyway, if you are interested, check it out.

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  1. Another congrats Art! I’ve been of the mindset of finishing a track and never looking back at it. This is for fear that I would still be tweaking my first track to get it just right, ha. I may have to rethink that. I have several old tracks that I think are good ideas with less than stellar mixing and production.

  2. Congrats Art !
    I was listen to some of your music tracks, great work (-:
    Interesting the point you said about re mixiging old music tracks, i’m thinking about doing that, so you deleted old files re mix them and then upload again as new tracks ? or just replace the audio file in the item ?

    1. Thank for the kind words Manuel.

      “so you deleted old files re mix them and then upload again as new tracks”

      Yes, I would have liked to been able replace them but no can do on P5. I deleted the originals and uploaded the new ones.

    1. Thanks daveyday. It represents quite a few years and that number includes all the alt versions. I also took a year 1/2 and went back to all of my earlier versions and re-worked, re-mixed and updated metadata and titles. I felt I had to do that and it has paid off with increased sales on the older ones that weren’t doing much.

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