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Copyright Registration Services – Beware!

I was contacted last week by a “Copyright Registration Service” that wanted to advertise on Music Library Report. They actually had already paid for one month’s ad run (since returned). I was somewhat suspicious but thought I would check it out. The site looked very official and I thought maybe it had some tie in with the U.S. Copyright Office.


Tag your Music with Metadata for the Most Impact

by Michelle Lockey

Tag your Music with Metadata

You’ve made all this great music; you burned a ton of Cd’s and are headed off to a conference.  You hand the CD to several music supervisors and industry professionals.  You feel good, heck, you feel great!  You are hopeful about all your new connections.

The music supervisor takes your CD, (loses the cover) and imports your music.  The music supervisor then shakes their head when they see:

Track 01   No title, no author, no nothing.

Tag your Music with Metadata-1

They love the songs they are hearing but have no way to contact you.  In the stack of 100 biz cards they collected they don’t know who you are.  Now an opportunity is lost because the music files weren’t properly tagged with metadata or they did not retain that data. (WAV files don’t retain metadata)


PRO Payments and Revenue Transparency

by Paul Gelsomine

Is The “Black Box” Getting Bigger?

A composer’s business lies in their body of work, Economy_150x200which they try to exploit to the best of their ability. By necessity, composers are entrepreneurs. Still, in today’s environment, music is used in a haphazard way, often making it an onerous expedition to receive PRO payments for some performances. In this data-driven day and age, many think that royalties should reach composers faster and be easier to digitally detect. But getting hold of royalties does not appear to be an easy task. (more…)