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Critique Please – Edge Of Light

From reader “hysteria”:

I like it ( really like it) but sometimes i listen to it and im not sure if its really that good. I would love to know what some other composers such as yourselves make of it. What do you think of it as an overall piece, its sound quality, melody, structure? Composed using Kontakt 4’s strings and choir instruments. Continue reading

Critique Please – Saddest Day In September

Hello Reviewers!

Please provide feedback on the recording of this track. It’s fine if you are not a fan of ambient/new age music … I am looking for critiques regarding the balance, quality of the recording, use of effects, and so on. I am the flute player, so feel free to include comments there as well. Thank you in advance for your time!

Cari Live

Saddest Day In September

Critique Please – Aaron Copland – Esque

I’ve been trying to get my brother Scott into this end of the business for the last few years. I’ve always been a big fan of his writing so when a library recently requested an Arron Copland like piece I prodded him into it. Scott is used to writing for a live orchestra and we all know how challenging recreating an orchestra in a DAW environment can be! He would appreciate any feedback on his piece.


Critique Please – The Mayer of John

Dennis sent me the following e-mail and would like a critique of The Mayer of John.

The Mayer of John

Sound Alike – John Mayer
An easy going pop rock instrumental with some dynamics.
Moods- Happy reflective thoughtful

I have some success with this as far as a few sales on Revostock. A few other small libraries liked the tune but I can’t get this or others in the some of the bigger libraries like Jingle Punks. Therefore a critique is in order to determine what to improve.

Critique Please – Spoilers

Greg sent me the following e-mail and would like a critique of Spoilers.


I am currently with Jingle Punks, YookaMusic, Music Dealers and Music Xray. I am looking for feedback on my cue in regards to production, playing, and overall licensing potential. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Keywords: Rock, Modern Rock, Urgent Drums, Driving, Hard Rock, Building