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Vienna Special Editions and Vienna Instruments Pro

by Danny Poit

With all the choices for orchestral samples out there, it can be difficult deciding which tools might be appropriate for any given composer and any given usage. Some libraries try to closely match the Hollywood sound, whereas others try to mimic a more classical sound. Some are recorded in famous concert halls and sound stages with multiple mic positions, whereas others are recorded completely “dry” and leave the reverb completely up to the composer. (more…)

Synthology Ivory II American Concert D Review

By David Christiansen

When it comes to high-class piano libraries Synthology has been on top for several years. I’ve loved the possibilities of Ivory but then changed to other pianos because, in my point of view, they had more realistic samples.

Like most composers I had virtual pianos and was quite happy. Mainly I was using Alicia Keys and the Steinway piano included in Native Instruments KOMPLETE. (more…)

Focusrite VRM BOX – Review

Focusrite VRM BOX

by Bryan Kreuter

Ever been in that situation, you listen to a track and you’re fascinated by the superb production. You feel inspired, full of fresh energy, you just learned a new mixing technique and you can’t wait to get to your desk to fire up your monitors. Bam this track is gonna skyrocket your street cred! Every producer is going to beg you to mix their tracks. But…it’s 2am. And since you’re a friendly guy that respects his neighbors, you go back to bed and watch an episode of Seinfeld…with your Headphones! (more…)

Wavosaure – Review

Mastering with Wavosaure: an improvement to the music production workflow (for Propellerheads’ Reason users).

Author: Edouard Reny – August 12th, 2013

The standard music production process can be summarized in 4 steps: composition, arrangement, mixing and finally mastering. An effective workflow adapted to the power of the production set-up is essential to keep the music producer’s creativity sharp and flowing. Nothing gets more irritating when at a certain point, the load on the CPU becomes so heavy that the computer gets the hiccups or worse, crashes. (more…)