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Pro Tools 10 – Review

by Paul Bordenkircher, Mesa Sand Music

With the power of modern personal computers and the availability of recording software, most musicians and songwriters have started recording their own compositions. If you’ve just started your research, you’ve probably come along many different names for software in this category – Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, Live and certainly, Pro Tools, to name just a few. Each of these is a type of software commonly known as a DAW – short for Digital Audio Workstation.

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XLN Audio Addictive Drums Review

By JP Dubya

Being a guitarist, when it comes to using four limbs at once, I might as well be tasked with dismantling a nuclear bomb. Which means I’m always looking for great drum solutions for composition. This is where XLN Audio’s Addictive Drums comes in. It’s a simple, easy-to-use piece of software that takes the pain out of drum programming.
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Toontracks EZMix2 – Review


Ian Pain

OK so this is my first attempt at a review and I hope I am able to convey the usefulness of this fairly simple and relatively cheap piece of software. The download and authorization was very simple and straightforward and I was up and running in no time. There is a basic PDF manual that comes with it but to be honest it is so obvious that anyone with some experience of plug-ins and music software would have no problem. Continue reading

Jam Origin – Review


Greg Domeier

I have been toying with the idea of getting a midi guitar to add to my music creating arsenal. Even though I have a midi keyboard, I am primarily a guitar player. Any keyboarding I do is slow and not very accomplished.

The Roland GR-55 ($799 street) was at the top of my list, but it had two things working against it. I have various amp modeling plugins as well as a JTV Variax, so most of its features were duplicating stuff I already had.
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FL Studio 10 Producer Edition – Review (Part 2: Weaknesses)

FL Studio 10: Weaknesses

by John Judd

Here is the follow up to my first review FL Studio 10 – Part 1: Strengths. It is written from the standpoint of a professional composer work flow and considers reliability, speed, interaction with 3rd party plugins, and more. Please read the first review for strengths, as here I will be focusing on the weaknesses of FL. {Note and correction: in the first review I mentioned that the Direct Wave sampler could be purchased for additional functionality. This is incorrect for the Producer Edition, which has the full version of the plugin.} Continue reading