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Thought I would revive this conversation. One of our readers e-mailed me and mentioned that YouTube no longer pulls videos for copyright infringement if music a client purchased elsewhere, is used on a YouTube video but YouTube has the rights to the same music via a 3rd party deal. In this case our reader has a deal with Rumblefish and states that the video producer will simply get a letter stating that Rumblefish has the rights to the music and that would be the end of it.

Anyone else know about this? Has YouTube changed their position? I was under the impression that YouTube was pulling videos for copyright infringement if the music conflicted with their third party deals.

Here’s a link to the previous thread and it’s worth reading the comments. GoDigital Thread

[Update 01-18-2012]

This was recently posted by Lee from Audiosparx and seems to answer the exclusivity question. Until Rumblefish or YouTube specifically answers some of these questions we will all be a bit in the dark.

Lee said:

YouTube’s stated requirement is that only holders of exclusive content can submit such content to their Content ID program.

By requiring exclusive content, this avoids the scenarios where Rumblefish earns money from music licenses sold by other libraries, and gives an affected client a clear path of who to communicate with if they receive an email notification that their video may have content that is owned or licensed by XYZ (e.g. the company they licensed the music track from).

In other words, YouTube is saying that the Library XYZ must be the ONLY licensing source for a track if they are submitting that track to YouTube’s Content ID program, not that the track is available for license at multiple libraries and Library XYZ happens to be the only library submitting the track to YouTube’s Content ID program.
[Update 08-12-2013]

FYI – The following companies are known to be involved with the YouTube Content ID Program:

AudioSparx “Internet royalties” program
CDBaby “Sync licensing” program
Crucial Music
Fine Tune Music
GoDigital & Social Media Holdings
IODA: Independent Online Distribution Alliance
Kontor New Media
Music Beyond
Music for Productions
The Orchard
The Music Bed

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GoDigital Media Group

Recently conversations have been appearing in various threads about GoDigital Media Group. You can find out more about GoDigital here: http://www.godigitalmg.com/adshare.php.

A comment from one reader says it all.

“Crap! just had my musicloops.com account shut down because “xxxxx” submitted my entire catalog to GoDigital without my permission and musicloops customers are complaining about my music! They can’t use my music on Youtube anymore.”
Please e-mail any libraries you work with on their position with GoDigital (or any 3rd party deals) and I will list here.

Libraries with NO GoDigital or 3rd party deals:

300 Monks
MoonLab Music
Vault Audio
Tune Society

Libraries WITH GoDigital or 3rd party deals:

If you know of any please contact me and I will list here.


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