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    Hey all,

    looking for your help once again. 🙂
    See this video at 50:30:
    She’s talking about SAG royalties (25 times higher compared to PROs).

    ……20’000-30’000 $ a month……

    1) What is this? I’m not an US citizen so I’ve never heard about SAG.
    2) She also says that you should get royalties from each time a commercial runs on TV. Since I’m in the adv business, when I asked my PRO (Italy) about it, they told that they do not control/count commercials passages on TV so, basically, I get paid once and bye bye. Is this true even if the adv I scored is broadcasted on foreign TV channels?

    Thank you Thank you!

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    SAG-AFTRA royalties are a rare jackpot for a commercial composer, and it only seems to happen if:
    – You SANG on the recording (not samples)
    – The advertiser is a SAG signatory
    – You then join as a SAG member… From what I understand you can be a temporary member without having to pay the usual massive joining fee.

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    Thank you matt! Do you happen to know if this utopia might happen also to a non-US composer?

    Any hints about my second question (getting royalties each time a commercial is aired on TV)?

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    Eric Kaye

    Hi Wall_E.
    Matt is correct, the only way to get the SAG jackpot (and it can be a jackpot) is if you sing on a commercial that is produced by a SAG signatory ad agency. You do not need to be a member for your first one, although afterwards, you become a Must-Join. Unfortunately, in order to go down on a SAG contract, you need to be eligible to work in the United States, with a valid Social Security number.

    As for getting royalties each time a commercial airs, that is correct, in the United States. Unfortunately, in Italy, SIAE does not pay royalties on commercials. If you had commercials airing in the US, you should be receiving royalties generated by your US subpublisher/publisher.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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