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    Hi – a newbie question but I am thinking of putting together a few albums of related music. What is the typical length and # of tracks I should shoot for?


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    Art Munson

    Depends on your market but I would say at least 10 tracks. Generally 1:30 to 2:00 minutes is all I ever do for instrumentals. That is also a good length for TV placements and advertising. Then again I have seen much longer tracks on RF sites.

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    I would agree with it depends on your market. As well, it depends on if you have a lot of changes, or interesting things going on.

    I haven’t been able to let go of a composition under 2:30, and some have gone as long as 4 minutes. Funny thing is I have several placements that have used the entire piece..

    As far as track count goes. I am usually somewhere around 15 pieces for an album. Some say around 12 is normal..

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    [Removed] You need to post that question here

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