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    I gotta give a mention for this software. I’ve been using it for over a year now and its great for backing up multiple folders or even mirroring a whole drive.
    Its called Allway Sync and its free. Its “set and forget”, and you wouldnt even know its there. No malware or other nasties.
    I have it mirroring about 7 different folders at once, because it pays to have a backup of important stuff like music data files.

    I got a trojan about 10 years ago and I lost so much work. I was gutted at the time but in retrospect, it was all rubbish anyway……….moral of the story….Drives will fail, eventually, so dont rely on just ONE copy of important work.

    ps. Im in no way afiliated to them. I just wanna pass on something that will save you more time so you can use that time creating.

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