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    Just found an AI composing service called Amper Music… Sounds much better than what Ive heard from other AI services so far.

    Anyone seen this yet?

    You can find it using google and they also have a YT channel.

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    I just signed up for the trial of it. Really interesting concept but it’s nothing crazy just yet.

    It seems like it has maybe a few hundred MIDI loops in different keys for a few dozen instruments. Then when you say you want a “folk” track that’s upbeat, it uses acoustic guitars, drums, shaker, stomps, claps, and some “heys” in randomly generated patterns to make a “song” for you.

    A lot of it just feels like loops that are stretched to fit the tempo of the track.

    Very clever and cool idea, but far from replacing music creation in my opinion. It all sounds very generic and to really fine tune the music creation, you have to know about music in the first place. Which if you know how to go in and tweak loops, tempos, key changes, instrument choices, and arrangement….. you get the picture.

    Novel concept and I’m sure it’ll be amazing in a few years with all it can do, but right now it feels like a MIDI generator that’s no more powerful than things already being used in Logic Pro or something.

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    Thanks for the reply Nicholasrobertsmusic… Guess for now its a wait and watch situation…

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    I didn’t “create” any music, but I did listen to a few of their examples. If this is the future of music libraries and AI, I feel so much better and I will sleep easier tonight….

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    I took a listen as well. Was not impressed at all. It’s still sounds too mechanical. Maybe it will be better in another 10 years or so.

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