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    If they don’t file the claim, the performance royalties don’t show up. So I am sure this well known PMA library did their admin/ paper work accurately with BMI. I don’t mind doing this work because I really enjoy earning “double” the money as writer and publisher.

    Heck one hour of admin time is certainly worth it when you collect the royalties twice.

    Hey Art,
    From I Spot: Single Care
    National Airings

    Time to raise hell if you do not get paid in September. I have to believe though that the outcome will be in your favor….I’d inform all PMA leader peeps about this one. This one needs to go straight to the President of BMI today I’d think.

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    I really enjoy earning “double” the money as writer and publisher.

    I do too and that does happen for my for music that’s in RF libraries. I also really enjoy getting paid upfront for my tracks AND getting backend for that music too. So, I do both.

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    Art Munson

    Hey all,


    I have been having numerous e-mail exchanges and a long phone conversation with Jackie Simmons, Sr Director of Business Operations at BMI. She has been very open and helpful. According to her, everyone at BMI is very aware of this situation as I am not the only with this problem.

    They have had conversations with Numerator about their not tracking all products. Numerator’s response is that they don’t track pharma (or any company) ad campaigns that are generally single product campaigns without any competition. Numerators business is providing data on ad campaigns for competing products. At least that’s how she and I understand it. She has tried contacting a couple of times to get a demo on their tracking system but has had little response from them. She also promised that they are not letting go of this as they know they need to solve this. She promised to keep me in the loop.

    Anyway, that is the latest as I know it.

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    Art Munson

    Just as a follow up here are the latest stats on the Singlecare commercial. Still running and no joy from BMI!

    Ad ID: 2599040 – 9789 airings.
    Ad ID: 2752477 – 1717 airings.
    Ad ID: 2793074 – 2182 airings.

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