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    Danny Truitt

    I’d like to have input on the three items in the link below. I’m brand new to production music, but I’ve spent a lot of time chasing the commercial song market, mostly in the country genre. I would be glad to have any comments, but my primary question is about the structure. I’ve listened and read a lot, but I’m not sure I’m on track. No need to be subtle, you won’t hurt my feelings. Looking for guidance. I’v just joined Soundcloud, so I’m not at all familiar with it. I hope this link works:


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    Nice work on those tracks Danny – and no problem with the soundcloud links. You asked specifically about structure – two things jumped out that I’ll share.

    I thought the tracks could use an intro – a teaser of sorts. Compare the beginning of your tracks with the tracks in libraries you want to work with. And second, also consider your track lengths as per their end use (stingers, reality TV, sports, etc).

    Best of luck!

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    Danny Truitt

    Thanks for taking the time to check them out, Paolo. Good advice – and that’s what I need!

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    These sound nice Danny. They are very weather channel-ish, or cooking or travel show. Most of those don’t pay though. Here are the requirements for a library I recently started with that may help your arrangements.
    “-Start out Sparse
    -Build up by increasing layers of instrumentation to the main hook and or chorus part
    -Break Down (in this part you should include some well placed hits or musical accent points)
    -Build up again to the main hook or chorus part
    -Sting Out (every track must have a sting ending)

    If you look at your track file’s waveform, it should visually display all 5 of the above.”

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    Danny Truitt

    Excellent! Thank you!

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    Um. Naive question. What is a ‘sting ending’.

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    Art Munson

    What is a ‘sting ending’.

    The last note of your piece would be a short note, or chord, with a natural ring out. It would not be a fade out, as typical in many songs, or a sustained (held) note or chord.

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    Ah. Got it. Thanks.

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    Danny Truitt

    I think that’s also called a “button” ending in some places, right?

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    Nice track Danny. Goes down smooth!

    Heard some tracks very similar in feel at a certain gas station where I go. Very well produced. Also tunes with vocals. They are often super short pieces (less than a minute often with endings).

    There must be a name for a library type or category in other libraries that carry this flavor of content?

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