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    Hey folks,
    Just looking to get some feedback on a little chamber-ish piece I did. My skin gets a little thicker every year, so harsh critiques are welcome!
    thanks in advance!

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    Haunting yet beautiful at the same time. Nice work!

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    Hi SomeGuyDoingStuff…..I like the vibe of the track…some things I would have tried…make more width and depth on the violin part …maybe a littttle bit more reverb and width to set the mood to be more darker on the violin part…I did like the cello panned to one side (in orchestra stuff you got to move those strings around… I’ve taken my fair share of tough critiques on this myself)..I’m not an expert on strings by far but I know what I like to hear…and take some of the treble out of the violin seemed like to much treble to me ….just my opinion..hope this helps…

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    Hi there, I really like this a lot!!

    Cyberg was spot on, and those were the first things I was thinking myself
    1) Lusher, and longer throws on your Reverb & Plates
    2) Widen Your Stereo Field

    ALSO. I would change the name of the composition. Don’t limit yourself. I would call it “A Fading Fragrance”.

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    thanks to both of you! This really helps ALOT and is much appreciated!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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