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    Hi guys!
    I’m doing music for long but I’m pretty new to the license world and any feedback from you, anytime you can, would really be super appreciated!
    I would love to know your opinion about the quality of my production, the overall sound in particular, if you think it’s good enough or should I work even more on it (at this stage my production has been a good compromise between quality and time spent producing, I am ready to work more on production if needed) and how do you think it might find a place in the music licensing market.
    Just in case here’s my soundcloud page:

    Thank you in advance guys!

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    Hello Max. Everything sounds “Solid, and done well”. I think you’re just needing to do your research, and find the companies..

    I literally would say “Start going through the Library Reviews here on MLR, and make sure you read the reviews carefully!!”

    2 HUGE Hints,
    1) I personally have increased my number of Libraries I am in Significantly by just doing my research here on this forum!
    2) Sometimes, it is what is “not said here, but the rating is the key!!”

    Simply, decide if you want to be Exclusive, or Non-Exclusive; and make sure you are firm on your decision before proceeding!!

    Your compositions are solid enough to go for better Libraries. “I would suggest establishing a real relationship with a Rep at your PRO; have them review your material, and have them make the introductions for you!!”

    Wishing you MUCH Success!!

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    Thank you so much Beatslinger! I’m blushing 🙂
    Yes I got what you mean and I’m constantly doing researchers especially on this awesome place.
    Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost so many time recording and producing others since I couldn’t focus on my music – but I guess in return I’ve earned some experience – and right now I was thinking about producing even more before getting in touch with managers or exclusive libraries. Does it make sense?
    I feel like I’m still in the beginning and I guess I should have a higher number of songs and maybe having some placement here and there?
    The 1st one I’ve found easy to work with is Songtradr but honestly I can’t see a lot of traffic on there. I’ve uploaded my 6 songs and I can see just 27 listening.
    I’ve just got approval on Pond5 and now they are reviewing my music, anther point giving me a bit of confusion is their pricing, I guess it will be different from Songtradr but I’m not sure if this is gonna be a good thing for a potential customer?
    Well in the meanwhile I’m reading reading reading and researching a lot, I should play a little more lol
    Thank you again for your feedback and encouragement, it really means a lot!

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    hi max, great polished tracks…seems like rock and metal is your forte which i can relate to….what is your track count now?

    been with ST for about half a year now. in a nutshell ive had about 6 digit views/plays, upper 2 digit shortlists and lower 2 digit licenses…totalling to $0 earned haha. wait and see i guess……

    TF seems to cater to your genre based on my exp (most of my tracks they accepted are guitar based leaning towards rock and metal)

    dont have much tenure yet to see whats working or not per libs, nor would it be any help since personal experiences here varies extremely from one another on almost everything. great info here per production, industry news, member experiences, and data mining. but were pretty much on our own on how to decipher which libs will work or not, and seems the only way to find out is the hard way (it is what it is)… good luck on your journey…

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    hey Boinkeee2000 thanks a lot for your nice words and feedback!

    yeah I am learning that each one of us is gonna have its own experience and it might differ a lot, I guess it’s good somehow, it means we all have our one personality 🙂

    on ST I am having 27 view/listen in a week or so, with 6 songs. It seems to me like a very low traffic but I guess I am not alone.

    I have applied on TF and I’ll have to wait for March 1st to upload some songs, thanks for feedback I am definitely doin it!

    and again, thanks a lot for your wishes and feedback! it really means a lot!

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    Hello Max. You are actually ready to be in a “better Boutique Library!!”

    I have a couple of ideas for you, if you would like them..

    As well, I have stated this many times, and seems to be “My Personal Mantra”. It’s not how many, it’s the quality!!

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    On please feel free to tell me more, even by PM, what’s best for you, thank you so much!

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