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    A little while ago I grandly announced (not that anybody cared!)that I was going to start my own library.
    I had completely forgotten that a lot of people on here that I have the utmost personal and professional respect had been succesfully doing that for years.

    The way they put it though was,they were selling their own work from their own site.

    That’s what I should have said!!!!

    I eventutally decided against that idea

    In retrospect I was having the end December and January blues, not much in the way of sales.

    During this period I had been reading Robin’s blog and was amazed and impressed with her insight, wisdom and inspiration from which I drew much comfort.

    Thank You Robin!

    So here we are,early February and though my work han’t been flying off the shelves it has been falling off with much gusto.

    One piece that I wrote about three years ago which I had a ton of faith in just sat there gathering dust.
    It’s now selling like hot cakes which has reignited my faith in my judgment.

    So the moral of the story,if your feeling down about your work.

    Read Robin’s blog.

    Even better than that.

    Buy her book,which I am just about to.

    Thank you again Robin.


    Hope Art doesn’t mind the kisses!!!!!

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    Robin Munson

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I share my thoughts and experiences in hopes they might shed a little light or at least bring a smile for others. Hope you enjoy the book.
    Warmest wishes,

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    Forgive me, but what book? I want to read it also, so let me know! I enjoy Robin’s blog.

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