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    Danny Truitt

    O.K., I don’t want anyone to think I’m an Apple evangelist. I use the Mac, but the best operating system/DAW/plugins are what work best for you–what you’re comfortable with–what helps you write and produce the best music in the most efficient manner.

    With that said, for all of you who use the iPhone, Apple released “Music Memos” a couple of days ago. It’s a free app designed specifically to capture song/riff/composition ideas quickly. It is designed for acoustical input, so I guess it will be of interest primarily to guitarists and pianists, but it offers great potential for capturing that fantastic melody or riff that hits you when you’re not near your computer, or your DAW is not up and running. I’ve been using the “Voice Memos” app to accomplish this, but the new “Music Memos” app has some very nice embellishments. The function that will probably help me most it the ability to tag a recording and search through all your files for a certain tag. I couldn’t do this in Voice Memo. Check it out here:

    If you record a melody on acoustic guitar, it will attempt to name the chords and guess the BPM. You can then have it add drums and/or bass, if you wish. You don’t get any choices for the accompaniment, but it might help you visualize your idea a bit.

    You can email your composition to others from within the app, or move it to GarageBand (on the iPhone, iPad, or computer) or Logic (on your computer) for further development.

    My limited testing shows that it does a pretty good job of guessing BPM and chords. Even that could be helpful in some instances.


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    Sounds cool, thanks for posting about it! Going to go look it up. 🙂

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