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    I am new to the world of Production Music Libraries. I recently emailed a few that I found via Google that appear to do the type of genre I make (instrumental solo fingerstyle / classical guitar).
    One has responded that I should come up with a “couple of ideas for our library that I can pitch to our sales team. A pitch would simply consist of a couple of demos, maybe a reference playlist and a brief description of what the concept is”
    So my question is what exactly do they expect from me as a reference playlist and description of concept?
    Here is a link to my music:
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks, N

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    You’re Ridiculously Talented!!

    What they are asking is for you to do a couple/few pieces that would be available to them; with your opinion on how best to use your music. They are just trying to see what your vision is, and how you feel your “talent/creations” would be best served.

    Your theme is “Optimistic, Hopeful/Hopeless Romantic, Dreamy, and Slightly Melancholy”.

    Have you thought about doing simple String Beds, Pads, and Ambient sounds as an under-bed, with your guitars as the major focal-point?

    If I owned a Library, You would be signed!!

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    “Tanglewood Rhyme, sent a Chill Thru Me!!”

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    Thank you, very kind!!

    Yes I agree some string beds / ambience could be a good shout. I would probably want to find a collaborator for that though as I’m not too experienced in that realm!

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    Nice playing NikNak…..I hear violins,pads and cello’s…maybe some vox…a whole canvas to paint on those tunes…to add as support…hope that helps…if you need an ear let me know I’d be glad to help.

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