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    well i also fell foul to ASCAP’s survey system. i’m not long doing this but i have not been paid for multiple placements on CBS sports, BTN, Life and more. i resigned from them in the window in October and will be moving to BMI in April. initially i was gonna move all my tracks across but for now i think i’m just going to leave them there with ASCAP and write new tracks to register with BMI. over time it will be interesting to see how things pan out over time.

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    I stumbled across this post after not getting a straight answer on why i haven’t been paid for my 600K streams of my single AMAZING. Anyways I just wanted to share my video review of my experience with ASCAP, President Paul Williams, SVP Seth Saltzman and a few others. If the youtube link isnt clickable for some reason please copy and paste or search “My ASCAP Nightmare Horror Story”
    All in all I’d run far from anyone telling you as an independent artist to register your works with them. They will collect money on your behalf, not share their data or reporting when yours proves them wrong, and pay out peanuts only after you’ve shown your hand.

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    Strat 56

    Did ASCAP change things ? What a pleasant shocker ! I actually received payment for some BTN placements on my SOCAN statement today [ ASCAP is my American affiliate ]. I received just under $2,000.00 for two tracks on ” Campus Eats “. The only other info is ” 09 26 2017 CAMPUS IN “. BTN is a low paying network so I’m not quite understanding things here ? Sure not complaining though šŸ™‚ Could this be an retroactive payment or ? I’ve been getting tons of placements on BTN over the years and never got paid a penny ! I did file a grievance with both SOCAN and ASCAP this past summer and was told the same old story about their survey system and that I was out of luck, but I do remember the rep from ASCAP mentioning that they were reviewing how to handle the issue with BTN and similar networks and that he would get back to me, but he never did. So maybe they’re taking a different approach now ? I have around a dozen tracks being used on BTN for some years now and still being used on a regular basis so hopefully I’m going to get paid for those too. As I understood things, ASCAP didn’t pay for BTN placements or am I wrong about that ? So if anyone has any new info about the issue I would appreciate it. I wish my statement was more clear.

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    Strat 56, ASCAP is not really in the business of shouting out how and why and when they pay writers for TV performances. Many off us -writers and publishers included – have voiced a great deal of disgust about non-payment for Big Ten Network cue sheets on file. Yes, I am looking at them with my very own eyes right now. All 1000 episodes or “Live games” that aired my music over the last 4 years and no, I have yet to receive a penny from Big Ten Network performances.

    BTN is a low paying network so Iā€™m not quite understanding things here ?

    Really? is that why it’s “On” every sports bar in the country, every weekend and evenings, and homes across the USA broadcasting live sports entertainment? and advertisers spend money advertising on that network?

    I agree, it’s no ABC, CBS, or NBC, but millions of folks still watch those games and hear our music.

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