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    I just took an ASCAP member survey. It started off generic, then went to
    How much do you pay for this service?
    How much would you pay for this service?
    If it cost $300 per year would you …?
    uh oh. How hard was it to switch to BMI MichaelL?

    There were a few comment blocks. I mentioned my dissatisfaction with Scripps and Tunesat policy.

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    How hard was it to switch to BMI MichaelL?

    EPIC hard. Although, the whole idea is really funny, like…

    “How much would you be willing to pay us to continue to miss performances and consistentaly under pay you, while we refuse to accept tunesat data and other proof from you, or your publisher?”

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    Just took the survey… I certainly don’t make enough money to pay 300 bucks a year… Being in the corporate world I have learned surveys do 2 things normally… They let your customers/employees complain anonymously and they rarely help change anything for the better…

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    Just took the survey as well. I mentioned how unfair it is that they don’t accept TuneSat data as well as how much the “sample survey” negatively affects composers. Can’t even fathom the idea of a yearly fee – composers have had enough financials stripped in the past few years – now our own PRO is considering jumping on THAT bandwagon?

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    Sean Clark

    I hope BMI doesn’t follow that path. I switched to BMI this past July.

    It was fairly easy since I left all previous works at ASCAP.

    Working with publishers to move things over can be very complicated I’m sure.

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    I don’t even know how to respond to this..I took the survey and definitely spoke my mind…ASCAP misses a LOT of my music that’s used as I see it on Tunesat and stumble upon it on my they want me to pay them not to pay me? umm…what?

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    Hi all,

    The famous FMS here. The production company which i work signed up for tunesat to keep track of our in house cues, it barely works. It picks up less than a third of our placements. It’s laughable and embarrassing. Be glad and happy that your pros don’t use it.

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    Art Munson

    It picks up less than a third of our placements.

    Of course my sample is much smaller than FMS but I do not find Tunesat that bad. I’d say it picks up 60-70% and catches quite a few that BMI misses.

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    Art Munson

    Another thing to remember. Networks are speeding up shows to cram in more commercials. This it makes it more difficult for any detection service to accurately detect music whether they use watermarking or fingerprinting.

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    Can someone please share the URL for the ASCAP Member Survey?
    Any annual fee is greedy in the extreme.



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