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    i presume you mean low 3 figures per placement not over all?

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    Im not sure we can blame the ASCAP if we were down this quarter. From their email: The good news is that this distribution is funded in the same amount anticipated before the coronavirus outbreak. In fact, our March/April distributions are up from last year, and among our highest ever.

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    Mark Browne

    If ASCAP April Domestic Writer’s Distribution is collected from months before the Pandemic affected businesses, why is this distribution 30-40% less? I received emails from ASCAP telling us that their Domestic Writer’s Distribution was “Fully Funded”.
    Really a tough time for us media composers. I’m becoming more stressed at the realization that the ASCAP International Distribution will not be paid in May. Do BMI writer experience the same?

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    I just called ASCAP. The rep said that they are releasing an International Distribution later this month, towards the end of May. She said that they should be able to give us a firm date by the end of this week. As soon as they have a date, I’m sure we’ll all get an email from ASCAP Global Services.

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    Just got my international ASCAP payment today, and it was only about half of what I expected. I have one international ad that pays a similar amount every quarter. The Covid impact on royalties has begun! I’m really considering switching to BMI if they expect me to be fine earning half of what I deserve.

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    Michael Nickolas

    Thanks, I didn’t even know they were paying today until I saw your post. Mine is close to average, maybe a couple hundred less.

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    Yeah I had no idea that payment was coming either. Mine was a little under the average.

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