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    Has anyone here who uses bandcamp noticed that after uploading a track it plays back at a considerably lower volume from Bandcamp than it does from the original file on the computer?

    I’ve already emailed them to ask what’s up as this seems like a major flaw to me.

    I’ve checked all my settings and uploaded WAVs, so it’s not my end.

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    Yeah it definitely does the same for me. I’ve checked with other albums I own and the effect seems to vary. Even though the playback is softer, it doesn’t change your download though so that still sounds fine. I guess it might be an attempt to protect from hearing damage due to the “loudness war” but that punishes people for reducing the volume on their own music themselves

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    Is the sound quality negatively impacted by the volume reduction?

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    No, but it forces you to turn it up higher to hear it at the same volume as the track you uploaded. For me, I mix so that my music doesn’t clip and with full dynamic range, so I play it at 50 on my computer while everything else is loud on 30. Problem is, when I playback on bandcamp, I have to turn up to 70 to hear it the same. If I forget and then go on Youtube or Spotify, I’m gonna get a shock to the ears, so it’s actually kind of dangerous for bandcamp to turn down your volume.

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    yes, i have this problem with all the tracks i uploaded to bandcamp and also to some ive uploaded to youtube. in bandcamp the playback peaks half way while the original track was mastered to peak at -0.1db. this is causing me damage, mostly on youtube when the tracks seem much weaker than others

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    Infinite Motion

    Yes, Bandcamp is definitely quiet compared to all other outputs on my system, including web links, such as SoundCloud.Makes Bandcamp tracks sound weak, and less likely for DJs to buy the tracks, as they compare with Beatport, etc and buy there instead.

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    This is so frustrating… hours spent on mastering just to have Bandcamp not give the audio control to the bands. What are they thinking?

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    Same here, thought I was mastering them poorly at first.

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