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    Art Munson

    Forgot to post this topic earlier so here goes.

    Hope everyone had a good payout this last pay period. Ours was up, mainly due to the Oxiclean commercial we have airing. It started running June 2018 and we benefited from that. A few other surprises in there so pretty decent.

    How about you? Good I hope!

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    Art Munson


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    Had my best quarter yet! A couple of higher paying foreign placements on Finland TV! My largest payout came from uses on Bravo!!

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    A little less than the previous one but international royalties went 40% up (thank you Finland!).

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    Pretty much the same as last qtr for me.

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    Art Munson

    Finland was decent for us but by far the best were Australia and Brazil.

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    Kevin Pike

    Much better than usual because of a Promo that ran 43 times on CBS. It was the first time I had anything on CBS.

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    Down 30% over the same quarter last year. Down a bit overall. Careful study shows that royalties are softening overall. (IMO of course) Surprisingly, Netflix was 5X’s what I’ve ever seen before. Maybe there’s hope??? Eh…naw, probably not. LOL

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    Well, the number of pages is certainly increasing!

    International was higher than ever. I’m not sure why. If there’s a pattern to international, I’m not sure what it is. Netflix was higher for me too.

    I might agree that royalties are softening overall, but I’m not sure. My royalties grow, but not dramatically, and the size of my catalog increases more than the size of my royalties.

    A few observations, and maybe these are obvious: International takes a long time to start, then continues for a long time. Movies keep generating for years. Placements on network shows are still great. More streaming royalties come online with each statement; payments are small but growing and not insignificant.

    I’m not sure how the royalty rate per viewer for Netflix, Amazon, Hulu et. al. compares to the rate for network and cable. Yes, the payments are small, but viewership is often very small as well. If anyone has numbers on that, I’d love to know.

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    If anyone has numbers on that, I’d love to know.

    haha!! Our PRO’s do. Do you think they’ll share?

    I’d agree with catalog vs. royalty ratio you mentioned above. My placements have doubled, my output has gone up 80%, and royalties are fairly stable, or growing slightly.

    Something is wrong…..

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