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    Of note – BMI and ASCAP have to do something about the Internet streaming or we are all dead in the water in 5+ years…..

    Too true… I spend an awful lot of time wondering what will happen in the next 5 years… Every major blanket channel is moving to or offering streaming services and it concerns me greatly.

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    You all have my hopes up for my ASCAP October payout. I have hundreds of Tunesat detections since 2014 on Reelz that have gotten me zero $ domestically, and only few $ internationally. ASCAP says Reelz is survey only. Is that the case with BMI also?

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    Art Munson

    Is that the case with BMI also?

    BMI does pay but the payouts are pretty low. In one case $.01 for 21 seconds. Most payments are in the .01 to .20 cent range. Oddly there was one 43 second payment of $4.16.

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