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    According to their website, BMI pays for promo placements on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and CW. Why is that the policy? Why not pay for promo use everywhere else?

    I’m not new to this business. I’m sure I’ve missed something very basic here, but I’ve never understood why this is the promo payment policy.

    Can anyone explain?

    Thanks so much.

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    Art Munson

    Their website is incorrect. Here’s a recent e-mail I received from BMI on promos, on networks, I have detected via Tunesat.

    “BMI does pay on promos for TBS, VH1, WE, and TruTV – IF AND WHEN they submit a promo log. We actively pursue them and urge the stations to submit promo logs/cue sheets but they don’t always submit them on a regular basis. I would recommend you reach out to your contact at each station and ask them if they could submit the promo log/cue sheet as soon as possible.”

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    Thanks for this information, Art. I have recent Tunesat promo detections on a different network. If they don’t appear on my statement, I’ll contact BMI and follow up on this.

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    Thanks for the info Art. I have a track that’s showing up regularly as a promo on Lifetime. I’ve tried contacting the library to see if they know if the network has provided promo logs but they haven’t responded back.

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    Happy Ears

    My buddy is a promo producer, he worked for one of the big networks mentioned on Bmi’s website. He informed me that it’s usually the engineers responsibility to create and file the cue-sheets in that world. After my buddy left the network, the engineer admitted that he has not filed a single cue sheet for 7 years and apparently this is very common. Sad but true. We need to raise hell about this with PROs and libraries need to put in a clause in the agreements that require clients to give them a copy of the cue-sheets.

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