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    Happy Ears

    Have any one ever tried disputing their BMI royalty payout?
    Hod did you go out it?
    I’ve seen it done on the ASCAP but not at BMI.

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    I had an issue several years ago where there was a clerical error in which I was getting my full writers share for a particular song. I contacted the library that got me the placement and they called their rep at BMI. The whole thing got fixed in about a week.

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    Art Munson

    They can help if you have proof. I had missing payments from a show as picked up on Tunesat. Library didn’t help and BMI didn’t help. I found the show in re-run on Netflix. I took down the timings and sent to BMI and they finally paid, retroactively, for those TV placements.

    Fox sports and CMT are the worst as they generally don’t re-run the shows, so hard to verify. I have more missing payments from them than anyone else. Thankfully on this last BMI payment, for 2016Q4, I was paid all Fox Sports detected on Tunesat.

    Had same issue with underpaid commercial detections. Once I pointed out Competitrack counts BMI paid in full.

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    NY Composer

    I am trying to collect on some NBC 30 second promos.

    BMI has no idea about it. They are trying to track Que Sheets. They are also giving me a hard time because they don’t acknowledge Tunesat.

    Hmmm, I wonder how often Set Designers, Cameramen and lighting techs don’t get paid for TV shows????

    Sucks to be a musician sometimes 🙂

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