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    Hi All,

    In general yes you should register your music at SoundExchange. However, for participants at AudioSparx and RadioSparx, make sure to opt-out of SoundExchange’s international mandate. Their international mandate is highly-overreaching and provides SoundExchange exclusive control of all licensing of public performance rights for your music outside the USA. So, it is critical that you make sure to opt out of all foreign country participation at SoundExchange so you do not turn over exclusive control of your music to SoundExchange for licensing outside the US.

    For SoundExchange members, AudioSparx does actually require that you and any rightsholders for your music opt out of SE’s International Mandate as a condition to participate at AudioSparx, so that we can direct license your music for public performance uses outside the USA.


    Lee Johnson

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    Art Munson

    I recently called to ask about the artist/rights owner question. He told me to just submit the artist form, which has a column to tell them you also own the rights.

    You might want to call them to confirm that, rather than take my word for it. Whenever I’ve had to call I get someone quickly and they’ve always been very helpful.

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    Definitely fill out the Rights Owner info. When I first signed up I overlooked this but once I did was paid 14 months back pay! I actually make a little more each month as Rights Owner than I do as an artist.

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    Hi Lee, thanks for this information.

    Can you expand on what this International Mandate means?


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    I’m signed with AudioSparx so intend to opt out, but can anyone tell me what the consequences (positive and/or negative) of opting out of the SoundExchange International Mandate?

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    Lee Johnson

    Hi Angopop,

    By opting out of their international mandate, it has the following effects, all related to commerce outside the US:

    Positive Aspects of Opting Out:

    1. You avoid giving SoundExchange exclusive control over licensing the rights to your sound recordings outside the US.

    2. You can participate in direct-licensing commerce outside the US.

    3. You can license your own music directly to clients outside the US.

    Negative Aspects of Opting Out:

    1. You can’t participate in statutory/compulsory licensing outside the US for your artist and/or sound recording owner rights.

    AudioSparx is actively trying to get SoundExchange to change their international mandate from an exclusive license to a non-exclusive one, in the same way that ASCAP and BMI have been forced to operate in a strictly non-exclusive manner.

    If we are successful, this will have a huge benefit for US artists and sound recording owners, because then they, and you, will be able to participate in both direct licensing and statutory licensing commerce outside the US, just like composers are able to do right now.


    Lee Johnson

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    Does that mean that I would lose royalty payments from SoundExchange, for instance, on songs that otherwise SoundExchange would be collecting royalties on for international use?

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    Lee Johnson

    Yes, that is correct. This is what is very bad about the structure of their exclusive license, in that it forces you to choose to participate in either statutory licensing, or direct licensing, and you can’t do both simultaneously.

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    Hi guys,

    I’m finally filling out the Rights-Owner-Repertoire excel form. I only register the tracks that I sell via music libraries. So should I put “none” in the Album and Marketing Label fields? Also, the form requires ISRC which I don’t have since I don’t have a distributor. What do I do here?

    Of course, I asked SE these questions but still waiting for their answer.. just resent the email with questions again, maybe more luck this time.

    Thanks in advance!

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    None of the thousands of library tracks and TV/Film tracks that I’ve done have ever ended up in the arena that sound exchange pays out for. I think you are most likely wasting your time unless you’re releasing an “album” or the like for commercial release / broadcast / listening.

    At least that’s how they explained it to me.

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