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    I have this track that I wrote arbitrarily, but I really dig it, and I think with a proper workaround I could convert it into a production cue. Any thoughts on how to do that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. By the way, I know it needs a more definitive ending.

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    You’ve already turned it into a production cue. It’s just not in a production library. Just make an instrumental version (since the vocal may be distracting under dialog for some uses though not for other uses), a couple of alts and edits and you’re done.
    Sorry to be so simplistic but that’s how I see it.It’s just as “production music” as anything else I hear.Ten other people would probably give you 10 other more useful opinions about what you can do or add or fix but in my opinion it’s very usable even if you didn’t do anything else to it. The simplicity and overall vibe is what I dug about it.Could be in a commercial, could be used for anything. It’s a cool simple groove. Production libraries use cool simple grooves all the time. If you want a definitive ending maybe just end it on the same chord you started with. Not exciting but it would work. It’s a simple piece of music. Submit it. Don’t overthink it. My opinion.

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    Thanks. I truly appreciate the feedback.

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    Art Munson

    I agree with Pat but I would clean up that ending and give it a button on the end.

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    Thanks again for the feedback. Pat was right. I was just overthinking it. Peace.

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