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    Roz Richards


    I am getting nervous about signing a contract that states that the library would own 25% of the copyright, worldwide and forever. They would do all licensing matters. It is for 3 exclusive songs.  What is your opinion?  Should I can a lawyer to look over the contract.  Am I better off just to go the non-exclusive route?

    Thank you for your help and opinion on this.



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    I’m a little confused – ‘exclusive’ usually means worldwide and forever, and almost always entails giving up all the copyright. You’re lucky to get more than just the writer’s share in any deal these days. By the sounds of it, you’re either getting 75% of the publishing, or 50% (if they’re saying they get 25% of all the royalties).

    It’s always worthwhile getting an entertainment lawyer to look over the contract, however a good one over here will charge you several hundred dollars an hour. Depending on how long they take to look over the contract and how much re-wrting / negotiating they end up doing for you, it could add up to a lot.

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    Desire Inspires

    I think you should go non-exclusive. If you are nervous about giving up a portion of your copyright, you should not sign this deal.


    A lawyer can educate you, but a lawyer cannot make a deal be right or wrong. Just do what you feel is right in your heart.

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    I would suggest getting a reversion clause put in your contract and, yes, always seek a lawyer’s opinion.

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    I love your comments everyone. Re: Mark’s… So then the deal is 25% ownership of copyright means the library get 25% of the royalties. I guess that makes sense.

    constantly learning. I think I’m going to do it. The songs are good but I have a lot of good songs.  There is no reversion clause and I’ve heard that just the way it is.

    thanks for a your comments!!!





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