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    Hello, I am I the research phase right now in starting my publishing company. I reside in the US, but my eye is going to be on pitching to markets in Asia.
    I’ve been looking over the credits for various tracks, and am a little confused. I have a couple of questions.

    1. I know that as a publisher I should register with both ASCAP and BMI, both of which (as I understand it) must have different names. But in the credits I see some publishers listed as follows:
    Am I wrong that you can’t have the exact same name? Or is their actual name registered with the PRO name in parenthesis?!

    2. There is a publisher that I know for a fact has writers from both ASCAP and BMI, but they always are only listed as “Marz Music Group, LLC.” Why on every song published by them is their publisher name only listed once, yet some (like described earlier) have to put down two different names, one for each PRO?

    Thank you all! I am a total newbie hoping to know the ropes soon.

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