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    Hello everyone,

    I received an email from a library about some changes in the terms of an agreement, sent out recently (I’ve included an excerpt about Content ID at the end of this post).

    I’ve read some discussions about Content ID within and outside of MLR, but I still feel confused. For many years, Content ID has been a red flag. From what I understand, the main drawback has been and continues to be issues that potential buyers might face with “contentID claims” etc. However, I see now that many composers have radically changed their stance on Content ID, even though this problem persists.

    Some questions and concerns:
    1. What is the reason for this change?
    2. Since libraries are increasingly getting involved with Content ID, does this make it inevitable for us to do it ourselves instead of letting libraries do it?
    3. Most importantly, aside from the “contentID claims” issue (which I find significant), is there anything else that could deter me from registering my tracks with a company like Identifyy?

    On the occasion of this change in terms from the library mentioned, I am considering opening an account with Identifyy. I have about 300+ tracks (with many alt versions) only in Non-Exclusive libraries (in about 10).

    Thank you!

    Here is the excerpt from the new agreement that I need to sign:
    “Author agrees to allow registration of music assets to digital rights management systems, including YouTube Content ID (“Content ID”). To submit assets registered to Content ID, the Author hereby permits and accepts the following: (i) The Author must accurately report if a track is registered to a digital rights management service at the time of upload and specify which digital management service is being used (must be one in our system); (ii) If an asset was not published with Content ID originally, but the status has changed and the registration is completed thereafter, the Author must immediately update the submission to include this designation; (iii) Any content that was previously not registered to Content ID at the time of download will be permitted use without monetization restrictions, claims, or other potential issues.”

    Art Munson

    I uploaded all of our cues, plus alts, (a few thousand tracks) to Identifyy a few years ago. I’m also only in non-exclusive libraries. To this day I have never had an issue with ContentID and buyers.

    Identifyy has been a nice source of extra income.


    Thank you so much Art!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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