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    Good morn..afternoon,

    While I won’t sign a contract asking for blanket use of Power of Attorney, I’ve been offered a contract that asks for Power of Attorney in one specific area. Here is the gist:

    When track is placed in a product such as software, video games or other media, the sublicensee (the client who paid sync for my track) has rights to sell, rent license these products and also allow third parties to license, rent or sell these products. You agree to sig documents necessary for this sync…if you’re unavailable to sign, you grant us power of attorney in this respect.

    Am I missing anything other than I’ve given them permission to sign in my name ONLY this type of license?


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    Has anyone had experience or have knowledge about a contract asking for a restricted use of Power of Attorney?

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    Hi Paolo,

    It seems that your interpretation is correct, but I’d really need to see the clause in the context of the entire contract to offer any guidance.

    This is one of those situations where, if I were representing you and the contract wasn’t clear, I would call the library for clarification and possibly modify the language for the final agreement.



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    Hey Michael!

    Thanks as always for your help and feedback.

    Everything else looks good – they seem like quality people and everything else looks fair so that makes me tend to think it is what it seems. But I’ll get some clarification as well.

    Thanks again Michael.

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    From what I understand, that clause is to guarantee that the final client can licence the product they create with your music in the background. For example, a tutorial DVD, TV series or a documentary. So such paragraph does not surprise me. It looks OK, as long as you have guarantee on your side that your music can not be sub-licenced as is (in isolation). And finally, what you wrote in bold is to protect the library from you blocking a sale by inaction. If you would like to have your word on where your music ends up, maybe you could ask the library to reject clients you do not want your music sold too (Nazis, hard porn, hate videos etc…).

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    thank you Eduardo – and that’s an excellent point about getting confirmation that the music is not to be sub-licensed to be used in isolation.

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