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    Hi there,

    As I have seen, there is an option of having my cue heard by
    professionals and get some feedback. I have been a musician for 17
    years, but this is my first real film piece. It’s a trailer piece. I
    would like this critique to be public.

    Here is the link:


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    Art Munson


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    The opening is great. A nice mood is set.

    I’d recommend making your 2nd act gradually more energized. Then consider a pause to riser / swell into your big 3rd act. The 3rd act and climax needs to be much bigger and should fully realize your original ideas from the beginning. Fully realizing your opening ideas is useful for trailer editors who might want to cut straight from the beginning to the end (and then maybe back to the opening material for the end of the trailer), and also is more satisfying to listen to for your fans.

    You need a massive ending, even for a drama track. Think as big as you can get, then go even bigger at the end… this the standard feedback we get in the trailer world : )

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    Thank you very much Mark, much appreciated 🙂 That’s what I was thinking as well. I shall go BIG!

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    Seems like the loudness level is a bit weak. I recommend bringing the level up more, peaking around -10 to -8 dB RMS at the loudest part.

    This is something that requires great care, as just slapping on a comp/limiter on the 2-bus and pushing the level up can add distortion and inter-sample peaks.

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    Hi dpwaveheavy, thanks, I know. It’s something I have almost no experience with – EQ and compression. Very limited experience with that, so that is definitely an area I want to improve on. 🙂

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