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    Rec Head

    I am really at my wit’s end with this.

    I can deal with rejection just fine – because at least you know where you stand.

    But how do you deal with unprofessional libraries that don’t reply, mess up registrations and don’t send statements? I mean there is seemingly nothing you can do, except for missing out on your royalties owed and license fee splits. You’re in a total losing position.

    Should I just consider them a write-off and try to forget about them and carry on working for the libraries which are professional?

    In fact, this makes me realize that of all the libraries I’ve worked with (7 in total), only 1 of those is professional, and does well for me.

    I don’t know how to get past it mentally – having done susbstantial work for them, to be treated like this makes me wonder why I tried in the first place. Basically, it’s demoralising and upsetting.

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    Art Munson

    If you think there’s enough money there then a letter from an attorney may be the answer.

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    Hi – is there any chance you could share with us the names of these libraries? Sounds like some bad practice is afoot.

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    Have you contacted your lawyer yet?

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    Rec Head

    There are various libraries but I can’t name them.

    Also I get a little worked up sometimes so I know I need to calm down and give them some more time to sort it out first. If it really does not end well I will definitely report back with their names.

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    Art Munson

    If you decide to name names then they will have to be under their respective listings on MLR. Not in the open forum.

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    Rec Head

    No problem, I understand the rules here.

    I think I should say in their defense that they haven’t been totally terrible, I’ve received some payments over the years and in general they try to be nice. It’s a US based company so it’s easier to get in touch with them than it would be if they were based abroad.

    All the best to everyone, and thanks for replying. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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    A lot of these companies are run by musicians or ex-musicians, and you know what musicians can be like! Slackers! Most of the time they are not trying to rip you off, they’re busy working and they miss deadlines like the rest of us, although I appreciate that when it comes to money they should be much more on the ball.

    I have one publisher who keeps getting me placements, usually owes me a fair bit in fees and is always late paying. But I trust him – he’s open about the placements he’s getting, always lets me know about them, and is working hard, and I’m he’ll pay me soon enough.

    You have to be patient, and be nice, and you’ll usually get what’s owed to you.

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