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    I tend to shy away from string solo stuff. Would much rather use a nice oboe or french horn. Really like what I hear from 8Dio… pricey!

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    So, I see that LASS gets the top vote for strings on this site but they’ve been around a while and won awards back in 2011. Would you all still say they are the best?

    To answer that question specifically…some people still say yes. But, it really depends on what you want to write and how you write. Those who think it’s the best generally think it has the best legato sound, the level of control over each instrument and the divisi sections. All of the comes with a price. It’s not a piece of cake to work with.’s a demo that I just found.

    That said, I have LASS, the Embertone violin and cello and I would to add the Spitfire strings. Different tools for different jobs.

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    Just thought I’d throw this out there –
    The winds and violin patches sound amazing.
    Best of all – virtually no ram is used, and very little processing.

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    if you haven’t yet check out Orchestral Tools Berin Strings. I really like the sound it has our of the box and it has a pretty easy work flow. It’s a huge library tho. It should be fine with your system as I have the same amount of RAM you do.

    the one catch tho is it is pricey. It’s around 890 pounds so in American USD it’s quite a bit.

Viewing 4 posts - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)
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