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    Thanks Michael, I’ll ask them to clarify.

    Just out of curiosity, for those libraries that offer you a choice, what do most of you choose (whether to be the publisher or let the library be the publisher) and why?

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    Hi All,
    We prefer if you would click the CONTACT link at AudioSparx so we can respond quickly to any questions.
    If you decide to allow AudioSparx to administer publishing, we administer publishing ONLY for the music tracks you upload to our website, and only for the licenses we place.  If we administer your tracks on a non-exclusive basis, then we retitle the track during registration at the PRO by appending “AALIBRARY” to the title.  As performance royalties are earned, the composer(s) of the track receive the composer’s share, and AudioSparx receives the publisher’s share.
    For detailed info, please log in and you can review an in-depth article at
    Lee Johnson

Viewing 2 posts - 11 through 12 (of 12 total)
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