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    Hello everyone!
    I’d like to send a sample of my catalog to a few royalty-free (non-exclusive) libraries, so I would appreciate your valuable opinion on this.
    Is it any bad (or good) to let a music library know that you are using different stage names on each platform (to avoid any incompatibilities due to different companies’ pricing policies.)

    Thank you!

    Art Munson

    Thank you so much for the link Art!
    Having already made the choice to have various pseudonyms for years, I have indeed experienced the positives and negatives mentioned in the link.

    I just wonder how it sounds to the (non-exclusive) library owner when you tell him I’m in 8 libraries and in each of them I have a different pseudonym. To put it another way, is there any reason not to mention in your initial email that you are in different libraries with different names?

    From my perspective, it seems that it will be a good thing for him. Because he won’t have to worry if any of the libraries you’re in have too low prices. Just wondering if I’m missing something. Maybe it really depends on the individual library as well.


    Do the different names have difference CAE/IPI numbers? If they are different, the library only needs to have that name and IPI number and nothing else matters. If they are the same, it can create confusion and it’s really a bad idea to have so many. I wouldn’t tell the non-exc library owner that you are in 8 libraries, especially if it’s the same tracks. While you are allowed to do this (many of us do), it’s not a positive with the library- a possible turnoff.

    Why the heck do you have so many names to begin with? Do you have an artist career that you want to keep separate from your Film/TV work? That’s the only reason I (personally) can think of for more than one name. My suggestion is clean this up and get it down to 2 names. Way too messy.


    Thank you for your reply Alan! (…a quick response because I text from mobile)
    I’m not in any PRO.
    About why so many names…I’m on libraries with very different pricing policies so I believe being in each one of them with the same name/nickname would be problematic

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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