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    Hello All:
    I have several tracks in Non-Exclusive libraries that are very radio friendly. I would like to try to put them in a digital distribution company, maybe CD Baby or AS Radio, in order to generate additional income. In your opinion is something worthwhile? Would there be any legal situation that could affect me with my current libraries or with future placements in new libraries? I don´t have any digital dist. limitations with my current non-exclusive libraries.
    Thanks for your advice ¡

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    Hi Walden, you could also look into Spotify and Apple music, the returns are not much but if your tracks are radio friendly you could do better. Nobody can stop you from putting up non exclusives as they are your tracks. I have a bunch of albums for distribution through a service called Ditto. Best of luck

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    The only thing I’d be weary of is accidentally signing your music up to YouTube’s Content ID system through a third party service like AdRev, which I think CDBaby opts you into when you distribute something with them. This can get you into trouble with quite a few libraries.

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    Thank you very much, Musicmatters and StevenObrien for your helpful comments, I will take them into account to make my decision.
    Do you have any recommendations on what strategy to follow when my tracks are of very varied genres? In other words, I don’t have an album as a single musical genre artist. Do you recommend any digital platform where I can upload track by track that are of different genres?

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    Most distribution services require you to classify it in one or two genres. You might want to wait till you have enough of tracks in a single genre.

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    Michael Nickolas

    Do you recommend any digital platform where I can upload track by track that are of different genres?

    Look into DistroKid.

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    Thank you Musicmatters and Michael Nickolas, I´ ll take a look to DistroKid.

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    I’ve tried Distrokid and Cdbaby, I would check out AWAL.. it costs nothing to distribute through them. The royalties with any distributer (in my case anyway) are laughable. Given that, it makes sense to not ‘owe’ money from the get go.

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    Paul Gelsomine

    Hey Walden

    Just thought I’d but in on this thread. it might prove helpful for some. I recently terminated my distribution contract with Orchard and went with DashGo, A small company which allows me to opt out of content ID sites (Orchard didn’t give me a choice). This saves a lot of headaches with You Tube and others content ID Sites if you also have your production music on RF sites. .DashGo also allowed me to keep Apple myself.They were my first distributor way back when they started out. Talk to Rod Linnum. Good guy and helpful.
    It’s turned out to be an extra income source. Every little bit helps!

    Art hope it’s OK to mention this site hereI If not my apologies, you can just erase the whole thing. Just thought it might help some of the folks here looking for distribution.

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