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    Art Munson

    YES!!! Please sign up.

    I’ve known Miriam going back years. I will ask her if she would like to post something here. Maybe we can help grow the wave of anger!

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    NY Composer

    I’m gonna contact my local Congressman and see if he can research if any hard case law exists.

    Let’s start a F**king revolution 🙂

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    Discovery, if they win this battle will get our music, the libraries supplying them will get their up front fee, we will earn $0.

    What about libraries whose model is to provide music gratis for the purpose of collecting publishing revenue on the backend, who have been supplying Discovery? This would potentially have a negative ripple effect across the board, causing further harm to composers, beyond just Discovery networks.

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    Yes, the ripple effect would be huge. Anyone who depends on PRO revenue for placements on this network’s channels will get royally screwed.
    Even worse than changing this arranged for future music use, Discovery is considering replacing all the music on previously produced shows with direct licensed tracks. So those people currently making revenue on reruns would also lose out on that income stream.

    And as someone else already said, sign into and speak up.

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    Shared from a friend… Please make the tweet as suggested below (copy/paste). If you don’t have a Twitter account, it takes only a few minutes to create one. Spread the word!

    The Your Music Your Future community needs your help, right now. Discovery Networks is planning to cut composer and songwriter income by 90% as of December 31st. Variety even called them out on it. So we’re rallying together to take immediate ACTION to help stop them.
    Action step: Please tweet as early as possible TODAY, Monday, December 16th. Here’s a tweet you can copy and paste:

    Happy Holidays, composers! @Discovery Networks found a way to cut your income by 90%. RT if you want composers to be paid fairly. @Gold_Rush @DeadliestCatch @StreetOutlaws #DiscoveryGreed #yourmusicyourfuture @yrmusicyrfuture

    Whatever you decide to tweet, please use the link ( and include the same hashtags (#DiscoveryGreed and #yourmusicyourfuture) for maximum impact!
    Discovery is even pressuring composers to take the 90% cut going backwards for shows that are already on the air. The threat is that if they don’t take the deal, Discovery will strip these composers’ music out of all their existing shows (!), and the composers will never work with any of the networks again.
    If we don’t take a stand right now, this practice will spread to other network groups and everyone will be paid much less money in the future—both composers and songwriters. And where will great composers come from when they can no longer make a living?
    At the time of this email, YMYF has signed up more than 6,400 composers. As a community, we have formidable power if everyone tweets. But we all need to take immediate action. Be proud of the community you’ve helped create. Now let’s put it to work.

    Creator groups from around the world, inspired by Your Music Your Future, have pledged to tweet with us in support of composers TODAY. Please be sure to do your part!

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    It’s really funny: i got an email from a well known music library (SK), saying we have to stick together and fight Discovery’s plans for cutting composers’ income by 90%.
    The same library supplies music gratis to Travel Channel,Food Network and several other networks that don’t pay royalties to composers. The library also doesn’t share money with artists from these blanket music deals.
    I’ve asked them a couple years ago why do they sign deals with such networks and they told me “if you’re lucky and your Travel Channel placements go international, you might see some royalties!”.
    Well, i guess i was unlucky so far but SK kept making money from my music placed in Travel Channel shows.

    So,why do SK care about Discovery’s plans if they already support this practice?

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    ironically, they just sent a brief for a discovery id show…wonder how many went for it…

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    I just finished writing this on a FB post:

    It seems like the composers in this article, and in other places on line, have been painting this as “young composers, please don’t sign away your royalties with this terrible deal Discovery is offering.”
    When maybe what we should be really worried about is:
    Firstly, Discovery could only make a deal like this with a US based composer (most non-US PROs don’t allow for direct licensing, bypassing the PRO). So the pool is already small – that is, adequately skilled US based composers who are willing to give up their royalties. Anyone that’s written for TV and received royalties for it, knows not to do this.
    But already we have many libraries signing direct licensing deals with broadcasters – channels like Fox News, CNN, ESPN, HGTV… these all demand the libraries sign direct deals, and the blanket license fees from those deals RARELY get shared with composers.
    Sadly, I can easily imagine two or three of the big libraries swooping in to offer Discovery their catalogs, or even custom made catalogs, to cover all their needs.

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    So,why do SK care about Discovery’s plans if they already support this practice?

    It would seem that any library offering gratis deals could end up losing as much money as composers. One would hope that JP, SK, and others are fighting this along with composers.

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    Paul Biondi

    So,why do SK care about Discovery’s plans if they already support this practice?

    Checking a few royalty statements – I see plenty of Discover Shows that pay writer’s PRO and aren’t gratis. Wouldn’t SK, JP, etc need to have all/most of their composers agree to cease receiving writer’s royalties for Discovery going forward (and possibly retro)?

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