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    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with either Doug Diamond ( or Alexander Johnston (CMI Group). Both seem to rely on Broadjam and Music X-Ray a lot to find their music. I have been selected by both on multiple occasions for pitching some of my songs. However last time I sent them bitly links to track if they were being used as I had my suspicions. 6 weeks later and neither of my links have been clicked once by either of these guys.

    Anyone have any experience here?
    Thanks a lot guys 🙂

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    I used Broadjam for many years. Spent a lot of money on submissions and was selected many times. NOTHING ever came from that. And I hate the fact that you never knew who you were sending the music to. Some companies like PMG use Broadjam and Music Xray as their main income producer! Check out my review of PMG in the library listings.

    What I don’t understand that, if music supervisors are looking for specific tunes and people like Diamond and others want to get music to these guys, there are lots of outlets for them to explore on their own to get music to the people looking for them. That’s their job, isn’t it? So why do they charge money for people to send them possible selections? Hmm, to make money of course for themselves!!!

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    Yeah, I tend to agree. It’s all a bit dodgy. It’s hard to get selected in the first place and now I see for sure that even when you do get selected, they aren’t even clicking the links themselves never mind pitching them to other people!

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    I feel like sending these guys follow up mails and asking why they haven’t even used the links I sent them and how are they possibly pitching my songs without doing this 🙂

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    I guess this whole thing is all about “Perspective”.
    I’m at a “Vantage Point” to where EVERYTHING can be checked for “Accuracy & Authenticity” within a couple of minutes.

    To be honest, there are a couple of these services that DO get results; but now that I can see “The Playing-field Clearly”. It’s in “Really Poor Taste” when I see a lot of them advertising like “they are elite, selective, and/or discerning; when in actuality they are starving and pitiful”.

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    I’d stay away from these folks. One red flag for me is when the service (such as X-Ray) splits the submission frees with the listing client. Total conflict of interest. I don’t know anything about CMI but any service that relies on submissions through X-Ray is majorly suspect to me. BJ also shares submission fees, BTW. There ARE some honest services though YMMV. Don’t ask me for names, because I won’t get into that.

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