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    I have used Addictive Drums for several years and love it.  The expansion packs are excellent.

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    I have been using EZ Drummer for years. It’s great but I agree with some of the others that it is hard to fit in the mix. I am using Logic and as Kenny said they have some great kits in the Ultrabeat drum sampler, and well as in Logic itself. I am going to check out Addictive one of these days as well. Heard very good things about it.

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    I`ve been using EZdrummer too and it can sometimes work pretty well. But very often I find it hard to fit perfect in the mix so I would not recommend it. Is your experience otherwise?


    Hi Kenny

    The kit I use 99 % of the time is the Nashville one which is fantastic. All the others are so so for me. Don’t forget you can trigger other samples/VI’s from the midi notes, I frequently will augment with Addictive Drums. I think the midi grooves that toontrack have are really good. Very well put together by a real drummer with an electronic kit.

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    Glad to hear I was wrong about EZdrummer then, and I’ll probably give the Nashville kit a try 😉
    I really like the fast and easy workflow of EZ, so if this is a way to make it sound great it will make me a very happy man 😉

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    Everyone has been a great help on this, thanks a lot!  Nothing compares to the voices of experienced people when choosing tools of the trade.  Not sure which one yet but I know where to look now.

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    and of course to all of you 🙂

    what kits do you use in Addictive Drums ?

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    My favorite are the reel machines, metal, funk, indie and the new session percussion.  I actually have all of them, but use these the most.

    I rarely use the retro.

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    The kit I use 99 % of the time is the Nashville one which is fantastic


    Woodsdenis was absolute right. I got a deal on the Nashville kit for $34, and it´s well worth the money. Sounds much better than the kits that comes with EZdrummer and has actually turned this drumsoftware into a very usable tool for me.

    In an earlier post in this thread I recomended to stay away from ezdrummer because it could be a bit tricky to mix it, but I guess I will have to take that back 😉

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