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    Do I upload to multiple sites or try secure an exclusive deal? Also, if I upload to other sites, have I eliminate opportunities for an exclusive deal? I’ve been corresponding with [Removed] regarding an exclusive deal. I inquired regarding the ability to break with them and consult other options at some point if there was nominal or no success. I didn’t hear back. I felt this was a legitimate question. I didn’t want to have songs sitting in virtual space “collecting dust” while having no autonomy. I’ve also been seeking starting my own publishing Co. Looks very complex, although I have the focus and initiative.

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    Chuck Mott

    In general I believe the consensus here would me to do both exclusive deals and nonexclusive, and maybe consider adding royalty free to the mix. Think of it bit like the stock market where diversifying is your best option. Maybe too late with the tracks you’ve already signed off on exclusively.

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    Chuck, that’s basically what I have. Most of my tracks are in 5-6 non-exclusive libraries and on a half dozen RF sites. Once I start making some income from these I may quit the RF scene (doesn’t pay enough IMHO). For some reason, I’ve never liked exclusive deals but decided to test it out and put 18 tracks exclusively with a library in the Netherlands who seem to be busy promoting their composers. We’ll see how my investments do!

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    In most cases, the person who served you the fast food burger that you just bought with your reality TV placement royalties, is making more money.

    Seriously. Both BMI and ASCAP spell out, what they pay for network, cable etc., during specific day parts (ASCAP is a little cryptic. You need a magic 8 Ball to figure it out). You can find the information and do the math.

    There should be a reality show about the “library” business.
    The streets are clearly not paved with gold on the micro level.

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    Ignore that reply, as if you haven’t already. It was meant for a different thread on reality show payouts. 😀

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