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    bigg rome

    ok, Pawns Stars? lol, They don’t pay nothing. I have problem enough trying to get Fuse to file a cue sheet.

    bigg rome

    I think it has translated if the majority of music supes are conversing with him on line.

    If he was just a poser, they would not give him that much attention.
    I think ‘music supes’ are smarter than that.

    The Dude

    I think music supes listen to and follow him because he’s saying the things they are thinking and doing. They probably all see crappy library deals, bad music, shrinking budgets, etc. I’m not sure which side he’s on sometimes, though. I’ve seen references to shady music supervisor practices, and I can’t tell if he’s engaging in them or not. I do feel he looks down his nose on composers at times, and his demeanor can be whiny and self-aggrandizing. However, he does raise points about assigning worth to one’s own music (i.e. staying away from gratis deals, not accepting low rates, etc…), and not shooting yourself in the foot when you do make contact with the “higher-ups”.

    I couldn’t read the WSJ article that MichaelL posted, and I’m sure it was accurate and informative, but the comment seemed dismissive of Twitter’s purpose. It’s a way of communication for the people. Certainly FauxMusicSupe is satire, but that’s the point. It’s subversive, it gets the proletariats talking. The WSJ and Twitter can both be useful modes of information (or at least catalysts to seek more knowledge).

    bigg rome

    The promotion of the “car company” is what i cannot get with. It just isn’t for me. I had so much luck without that. I don’t understand why that is always promoted. I stated before the panel with music sups says they don’t agree with the pay system thing. They don’t work with that company so why always promoting.

    That might be the clue to unlocking who the person is? lol

    The Dude

    @Bigg Rome: I’m with you. Don’t get the reason for that particular promotion all the time. Asked FMS on Twitter if supes use the “car company”, didn’t really get an answer to that. I’ll still follow the guy. Just have to pick and choose the info you absorb, like anything else.

    bigg rome

    Here is the video where top music sups laughed when a audience member brought up the “car company” …

    Moderator says ” You gonna open up a can of wroms, baby..lol

    Canadian Music Week

    skip to (35:38) of the video link to see

    bigg rome

    This is the panel for that video above:

    Ron Proulx
    Arpix Media Inc.

    Johnny Hockin
    The Much MTV Group

    Richard Glasser
    Executive In Charge of Music Film/TV
    The Weinstein Co

    Mamie Coleman
    VP, Music & Production
    Fox Broadcasting Company

    Rochelle Holguin
    Sr. Director, MTV Creative Music Integration
    MTV Music & Talent Department

    Daryl Berg
    Executive Director, Music
    Shine America

    Chris Mollere
    Music Supervisor
    Fusion Music Supervision

    John Bissell
    Music Supervisor
    Mothlight Music

    I will take thier word for it…


    Bigg Rome,

    It’s the FMS in the flesh..

    Alot of Supes don’t utilize the cab company. Sorry. On the otherhand, many do. Some Supes on that panel above host semi-private events that cost $350 for them to listen to three tracks of yours. It all depends on what works for you, just keep an open mind and do your research, don’t let anyone (me included) tell you what’s good or bad

    bigg rome

    Cool, I appreciate you saying this.. I think I like the private thing. Gonna check into that. On there hand. that SyncFox thins is scary as hell


    Since I am not making six figures yet, I will use all tools available to get my music out there. I am my own man.

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