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    I don’t plan on contacting music supervisors directly or anything but I really enjoyed the insight this video gave..some of this I already knew..some I didn’t..as for a certain company..I wasn’t surprised by the answers they gave but I was a member for a short time and learned a lot there…not all bad but not all good either..anyway..thanks for posting and I really feel fortunate to have had some success in this business..as noted here there’s a lot of music out there and if someone in the biz has used your stuff you should feel fortunate..and you should be paid..it was refreshing to see that some music supervisors (hopefully all) are just music fans at heart 🙂

    me too

    The only cab I ride is on the street, so please…but ppl are desperate

    The Dude

    Great video, thanks for posting Bigg Rome.


    Thanks for sharing this video.

    Art Munson

    Richard Glasser
    Executive In Charge of Music Film/TV
    The Weinstein Co

    Richard and I go back a long way and that reminds me I really should call him. Sometimes I forget who I know!


    Just read my post about Fauxmusicsupe at the “car company” website. The owner of the “car company” has stated that Fauxmusicsupe has attended the yearly conference in the past. I guess that his identity is an open secret to those in the correct inner circles.

    It will be very interesting to see how Fauxmusicsupe’s tweets and viewpoints change once he is finally revealed.

    bigg rome

    There is a connection to the ‘car company’ somehow.
    Nobody goes that hard for that company. Especially after seeing some of the well known music sups say ” no” without hesitation the company.

    I truly hope ‘fauxmusicsupe’ is not part of a ploy to somehow get people to sign up with the “car company” via the twitter account.

    If the owner knows him,… the truth will be exposed very soon. Just a matter of time. I think he might have outed himself by constantly mentioning the company,lol

    bigg rome

    Art, you should never let a good contact go to waste, my friend.


    I have an idea who Fauxmusicsupe may be. The person I am thinking of actually does business with the car company. This person actually posts on that forum from time to time. I could be dead wrong though.

    BTW, I used that car company for a few years when I was new to the business. I will give no praise or criticism to the company. Each composer should decide for himself or herself what avenues to take.

    Interesting, nonetheless.


    I know we don’t want to get into a big debate about that “car company” but to be fair, one point needs to be made. Music sups get tons of music from libraries and often have no knowledge of how that music got into those libraries to begin with. So they may very well be using music that came through that “car company”.

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 50 total)
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