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    Hi Guys,

    Just wondering if any aussies have had to get one of these and what’s the best way to achieve it without a lot of hassles.

    I have been asked to supply a FED ID # or SS# from Crucial Music.


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    Rob (Cruciform)

    Hi Peter,

    I have an ITIN. At the time, it wasn’t hard to get – printed off a form on the IRS website, mailed it to America and 6-8 weeks later I had one. Not sure, but there may be a few more hoops now, might have to prove your identity a bit more than I did.

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    Thanks Rob,

    I’ll get started then. Just thought there might be a quicker way.


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    Instead of SSN or ITIN you can call IRS and ask for a EIN.You’ll get it in 10 minutes over the phone while ITIN and SSN will take you about 8 weeks to get.

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    I was thinking about this myself. I’m in the US and would prefer not using my SS#, so wanted to look into this as I’m not an LLC or corporation.

    @kubed: for the EIN though, do you have to have employees? I had thought I wouldn’t qualify going by the details on the IRS site.

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    @logika: i think not.Personally,i have an ITIN but i didn’t know about EIN when i applied for ITIN.Then i read about other artists getting an EIN to avoid the hassle and long waiting that ITIN involves.
    I know at least 2 artists (UK and Estonia) that got an EIN very recently,both of them over the phone and in about 10 minutes.
    They said it was a very easy process.
    Use the MLR engine and search for “EIN and ITIN”,there are quite a few topics about it.
    Also,you could contact IRS via email first,asking if you’re eligible for an EIN as an artist/musician.
    But from what i understand,calling IRS on the phone is the easiest way to sort this out.

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    Just confirming it was as easy as everyone is saying. I got my EIN with one phone call in about 25 mins. The lady was very nice but talked a lot. She kept asking me when I was going to be famous for some reason 😉

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