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    I recently purchased the Fishman Triple Play midi controller and have been integrating it into my system.  Can you check this out and let me know if it sound like cheesy midi or if it’s sounds like actual piano and violin?




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    Been thinking about getting a Triple Play myself, but wanted to wait to see what kind of feedback it was getting from users. On your track, I’m not too crazy about the Piano sound, but the Violin sounds good. Thanks for posting it.

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    Del Smyth

    Sorry mate but it sounds awful.

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    Art Munson

    “cheesy midi or if it’s sounds like actual piano and violin?”

    At this point in time who knows what is cheesy or actual, it’s all subjective. I bet there are many who make LASS or Vienna sound cheesy! I think that it’s useable, it just depends whose at the controls. I might just get one.

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    Just an fyi, it does require windows 7 or 8 if you want to run the fishman software (not the bundled though).  I had it working as generic midi controller in XP, but decided it was time to upgrade to win 7.


    Thanks for the feedback all.

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    Del Smyth

    Sorry to be slightly controversial here, but if you want real piano and real violin sounds have you considered using real instruments and players? More hassle yes, and it will cost a little, but it is what makes a track stand out from the ever growing massive pool of cheap, crap music out there. Why not try and get the best sound possible? If you listen to the music used on, say, BBC documentaries, you will not hear cheap midi sounds on the soundtrack.

    It really isn’t that expensive either. In the UK, for example,  you could record real piano and violin and get maybe 3-4 tracks out of the session for £300. And it will sound great!

    Sorry to be rude about your sounds but much better to give an honest opinion I think.



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    Mark Lewis

    @Del Smyth
    relax dude. sheesh. probably only 1% of the composers on this forum can afford hiring real musicians, including me. Give the guy a break.
    What you’re saying is not “controversial” at all, it’s just kind of angry and mean.

    I think what you recorded sounds great. Much better than some of the midi sounding performances I have to “not approve” with a few of our ML composers.

    1. This is a midi guitar pickup?
    2. only available for windows? nothing similar for mac/pro tools?

    Your performance sounds like it has pretty good dynamics which  means the contraption seems to read velocity pretty well.

    Thanks for posting this. Anything that can transform the talents of a guitarist to other instruments is pretty cool in my book. Why should we all have to learn how to play piano if we spent our lives learning to play guitar?



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    Mark Lewis

    Wow! I so want one!

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    Guitarists playing keyboards, disgraceful, call the MU, ban it immediately !!!!

    I jest of course, the key to these things is latency,dynamics (how it outputs midi controller data and what data that is) Is it polyphonic (can each string send out on a different midi channel) etc. How does it feel for you to play Greg is the important question?, the sounds are sort of irrelevant as they can be anything you want. John McLaughlin endorses this so it must be up there. Price  is $400 ish

    Now what I want is a keyboard that can play a guitar ( no I don’t mean a Keytar )

    Found this vid , it looks great, Mark he is using it on a Mac so it looks like it would work in Protools


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    Mark Lewis

    Thanks Denis. That’s truly an inspiring video. I’m off to the music store soon to ask them about this.

    btw, here’s the old fashioned way of playing guitar


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    Yes, it works on mac and Ipad as well.  My understanding is you can assign each string to a different midi channel.  The tracking is very good.  Here is demo I did recording the midi output from the triple play and the 1/4″ out of my guitar at the same time.

    The triple play and the 1/4″ synched right up.  There was no more lag with the midi than with the triple play.

    The 1/4″ signal isn’t going through any amp sims, it just raw and direct.

    Lastly, here is the same demo from above but the keys were replaced with the free version of addictive keys.  I left the pad in the background though.



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    Art Munson

    @Del Smyth “but if you want real piano and real violin sounds have you considered using real instruments and players?”

    Live players versus midi has been discussed “Ad Nauseam” on MLR and is not the topic of this thread. Please don’t hijack threads!

    Thank you.


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    @greg, on the youtube clip it seems to track astonishingly well. The issue with these things in the past always was the amount of time it took to recognize the pitch and then transmit it over midi, ok for doing swell type pad sounds etc, these guys seemed to have nailed it.

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    More info in the Triple Play. I know a couple of people at Fishman and have been following the development of the TP. It was first shown at Winter NAMM 2011, and was still in beta-testing.

    Fishman has spent a lot of time beta-testing this unit almost 2-3 years, and Jon Mclaughlin was part of the team testing it.

    They really took their time with this, which would make me trust getting one. I’ve seen it demoed live as well, and it is very accurate and the sounds are very good. As with anything new there is a learning curve with it.

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    Art Munson

    Just ordered mine. BTW thanks Greg!

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