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    Hello fellow MLR’ers, would appreciate any feedback on this song — production, instrumentation, arrangement.

    Soundalike would be “Sesame Street” style acoustic family/kids music.

    Keywords: kids, harmonica, banjo, fun, acoustic, group, accordion, childhood, together, outdoors, backyard.

    Description: Fun and frisky, this instrumental acoustic tune evokes simplicity, kids, family warmth and love using acoustic guitar, banjo and accordion.


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    Michael Nickolas

    So my supplement to library income is as a freelance songwriter for Macmillan Educational Publishing. I’ve written hundreds of children’s songs used in dozens of their courses designed to teach English as a second language.

    Yours has the happy vibe needed for the genre. I think a lot of the track is MIDI instruments? Over the years I’ve purchased a kids toy accordion, harmonicas, kazoo, a banjo, recorders and all kinds of percussion. Don’t be afraid to set up a microphone and record these instruments live. It can really add another dimension.

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    Hi Michael, thanks for the “happy vibe” compliment…yes, only the guitars and basses are live, banjo and accordion are midi … I’ve been getting into recording live percussion lately, and that’s a good suggestion — stocking up on noise making percussion.

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