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    I’ve been writing music for many years, in many forms, for many purposes. I have around 200 tunes with music libraries, but none at all are duplicated in any other library.

    I recently decided to subscribe to MLR, and realized that around half my library output was “non-exclusive”. After deciding to pitch the non-exclusive stuff, I also realized that I needed some way to let people hear/stream my music initially… as an introduction, if you like. This is when I started the search for a website host.

    I’ll spare you the details, but finding a host which was easy to use, (upload to, etc.,) but cheap, (because much of the time it would not contain music – once it had done the job,) was not easy. Also, I didn’t want the site to be easily discovered – I hoped to send the url to prospective customers, but did not want to have everybody in the world listening in.

    I ended up using a host called “Googiehost” – and, unbelievably, it’s free! No ads – no hidden fees. The only proviso was that I spread the word – and I’m very happy to do that.

    The site is now up and running, and most importantly, reliable.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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