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    Jonathan Wright

    Fair enough.

    *hops online to order coffee in bulk*

    Thanks again everyone.

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    Thanks Michael..

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    Yes. Flooding the market with quality music is the key to success. There really is no secret besides that.

    DI, I think the concept of “flooding the market” has too many negative connotations. We’re not in the business of writing hit songs that can make millions of dollars from a single work (as a general rule). In this world, we are each our own business, which is analogous to being our own store. From a practical standpoint,the more products that you have to sell, the more opportunities you have. It’s that simple.

    For anyone who has grand artistic visions this sort of commodification is an anathema….the race to the bottom, yadda yadda yadda. Yet, others, who are efficient and have no pretenses to limit their potential can do well.* That’s not to say that you can produce crap, quite the opposite. But, production values, not intellectual content tend to weigh more heavily.

    * And before anyone chimes in with “you’ll never get placed in a high-end UK documentary that way,” don’t choke on your tea and hyperventilate. I know. I’m addressing the broadest swath of the market, not an esoteric niche.


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    Don’t be disappointed if you have no views on P5, by the way. I don’t think their view counter functions properly. I’m still on 0 views for all my tracks and I’ve had some sales there.

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    Sorry if I misunderstood and implied you wanted to violate contracts. I’ve read all sorts of stuff on forums over the years! 🙂

    I think your question was already answered but:

    Always follow contractual agreements (You know that)

    When in doubt, contact the library. I was confused, for example, as to whether I could put tracks in RF Lib B while the same tracks were in RF Lib A because Lib A had some rules I wasn’t sure about. I simply contacted Lib A and they cleared it up.

    I do think using a pseudonym and re-titles is a good idea in many cases as long as the purpose is not to deceive or break any contractual agreements. For example, I have tracks in conventional libraries. I placed some of the same ones in an RF library to go after a different segment of the market. However, I didn’t want a conventional library or their potential clients to suddenly see with simply Google searches, that the same tracks they are negotiating licenses for are available cheaper on an RF site. It might be tacky.

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    Jonathan Wright

    Thanks Advice, that’s fine, I’m sure there’s plenty of nutty posts out there.

    You’ve really helped clear it up for me, much appreciated.


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