Gibson announced it is ceasing Cakewalk development.

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    Michael Nickolas

    I spent a morning downloading all my software from their servers, documenting the serial numbers and registration codes and archiving it here. I’m still on X3, supposedly the registration code allows you to keep using the software forever.

    do I even want to bother taking on that massive task just so I have the ability to edit or rework old tracks?

    I think it’s important to have this ability. Just the other day I called up something from six years ago to rework for a music request. All I had to do was assign a few outs as I am using new hardware since then. It was easy. If you do work for hire jobs it is even more important to be able to get to your past projects. I’ve had clients contact me a few years after a project asking for a stem, instrumental mix or something like that. You could say sorry, it’s not possible but that doesn’t inspire confidence.

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    Art Munson

    If any of you haven’t, you might want to follow the thread on the Cakewalk Forum here Nearly 1000 replies but within all the lamenting there is some good practical help.

    Clone your operating system drives. You can get Macrium Reflect Free to do that. I also use a stand alone drive copier.

    I use a removable hard drive rack for my C drive. Easy enough to swap out if you need to use your cloned C drive.

    Have a backup computer and disconnect it from the Internet. There are composers using Sonar 8.5 on Win XP successfully.

    Eventually you will probably have to find another DAW. I’m going for Studio One, mainly because of Melodyne and ARA. There is another thread on the Cakewalk Forum about making that switch and importing Sonar projects (not sure how that works though) into Studio One.

    Take a deep breath!

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    Michael Nickolas

    Funny how we work the same Art. I use Reflect and my C drive is also in a removable bay. I only connect my studio computer to the internet when I’m forced to by software that requires a connection to install or update. The Ethernet port is disabled in the BIOS, I just plug in a wireless USB adapter when I need to.

    I was thinking about setting up a second pull out C drive in the Spring, keeping the current one working. I thought I would put on the newest Windows, upgrade my Sonar and try out the ACID update that supposedly Magix is putting out. Maybe I’ll stick to the plan but try another DAW.

    Any thoughts on Samplitude? I see it has the ARA Melodyne implementation you’re looking for…

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    Art Munson

    Any thoughts on Samplitude?

    Couple of people talking about it on Cakewalk Forum but the most talk seems to be about Cubase, Digital Performer or Studio One. According to a number of people Studio One is being actively developed, plus they are also a hardware company.

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    spoke to a friend of mine whos at upper mgmt for presonus, studio one will have a very competitive crossgrade deal coming out for sonar users. I asked him about workflow and he said S1 has a shallower learning curve than the other DAWs…also asked him if its possible to open cakewalk projects directly in S1 and he said he itll be a major undertaking but will forward it for consideration….will see what happens

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